How to create backlinks step by step?

You may be a blogger, online entrepreneur, service provider, or any online agency, if you are keen on driving traffic to your website the key to success is relevancy and authority. 

Relevancy includes the relevant and high-quality content for your targeted audience. You need to make sure that you are creating good quality content  to solve your user problems be it any kind of infographics, blogs, videos, etc.

Search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo have a critical way to measure authority which is backlinks. 

In this article, I will take you through how to create backlinks in a detailed manner so that you can also build authority of your website.

But what are backlinks exactly? What is off page SEO? How do you generate the backlinks?

Let’s start with the basics of Off page SEO.

What is Off page SEO?

What is Off page SEO
Off page SEO factors

The actions that are taken outside of your personal or business websites instead of inside actions which impact your site’s ranking within SERP (search engine results pages) are known as off page SEO.

If you want to rank higher on Google’s result pages, Then not only On page SEO factors matters but also Off page SEO factors get involved. 

Off page SEO includes activities that occur usually behind the front-end scenes of your site.

Off page SEO factors includes:-

  •  Guest posting
  •  Backlinks
  •  Reviews
  •  Comments
  •  Social networking
  •  Influencer marketing
  •  Outreach to competitors manually and many more .

What are backlinks?

The hyperlinks which connect one website to another website are known as backlinks. These are also called incoming links or inbound links.

Let’s consider an example.

Suppose there are two websites, “Website A” and “Website B”. 

If Website A is passing a link to Website B, then Website B has got a backlink from Website A.  If Website B is passing on a link to Website A, then Website A has got a backlink from Website B.

As simple as that.

Why are backlinks important?

Why are backlinks important
Dofollow backlinks

Just after you create a wordpress website and on-page optimized your content isn’t the end of Google ranking factor. 

Do you know there are more than 200 factors which Google depends upon for ranking of a particular website?

Within SEO backlinks or hyperlinks play a vital role in driving organic traffic through search engines. Basically backlinks are like votes of trust from other sources for your website.

Let’s say you have created an amazing piece of content for your viewers in your newly designed website. But the website hasn’t gained much authority till now.

Here link building or incoming hyperlinks from high-quality and relevant websites will help you to build authority and gain trust for Google to rank your webpage.

These days apart from doing on page SEO Optimisation, many organizations are focusing on generating backlinks.The organizations who are understanding this thing and working on off page SEO strategies are the ones who are getting rewarded in the long run.

Don’t get confused between link building, incoming hyperlinks, or backlinks. All are the same.

Dofollow backlinks

A dofollow is simply a link which passes or allows the link juice(SEO juice or authority or any kind of value) to flow to other websites. 

Actually by default all links are referred or known as dofollow links. It looks like the below HTML code.


<ahref = “”>Diginitish</a>

Nofollow backlinks

Imagine a website does not want to pass on the link juice for SEO juice to flow. This is what is called a nofollow link.

A link that does not pass or allows the link juice to flow or a link that includes rel=” nofollow” attribute in the HTML code is what you can call a no follow link. It looks pretty similar to the below code.


<ahref = “ rel=” nofollow”>Diginitish</a> 

Nofollow links have much less authority as compared to dofollow links. They may not be directly connected to your website’s ranking factor but remember they also play a significant feature for getting traffic and increasing brand awareness. They also give many opportunities to earn dofollow backlinks.

Now let’s get to the point for which I know you have been waiting for a long time to learn how to create backlinks in a proper manner.

How to create backlinks?

Till now we have understood what all backlinks are, the types of backlinks  and how backlinks play an important role in ranking of websites in SERP. Now let’s understand how to create backlinks step by step.

1. Become an ethical spy

Yes, you heard it right. You have to become a Spy and keep researching your competitors’ backlinks to acquire more backlinks for your site. 

It is important to know from where competitors are acquiring backlinks and also about their published contents.

You can use tools like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. to find about the keywords they are using, backlinks information, and many more things. 

2. Find Broken links

Find Broken links
How to create backlinks

After starting on research about your competitors’ backlinks, start searching for websites which have any broken links and are connected to your competitors’ website using the same tools mentioned above.

Reach out to your competitor mentioning about the broken link and replacing the error occurring website with yours which will provide you a backlink .

3. Link building through guest posting

How to create backlinks step by step
Link building through guest posting

Reach out to as many of your competitors out there mentioning you are going to create a high quality guest post for them without charging any bucks but just for providing you a backlink. 

Guest posting is a great way to earn many backlinks.

4. Create infographics

You can create amazing infographics by using tools like Canva, easely, Venngage, etc. 

What you can do is create a few infographics related to your content ideas by providing short and relevant information in that image and reach out to your competitors. Ask them whether they want your infographic in return for a backlink from them without charging any money.

But remember to create or choose infographics very carefully which should include interesting and unique stories as per your content.


Remember the best way to increase your authority of a website is doing research about your competitors. By researching you are able to reach out to them. And by doing so you will be able to earn as many links as possible. 

Authority is built exactly when you are creating user friendly content, solving your viewer’s problem and earning high quality backlinks from respectable sources.

Once you have built enough relevancy, and authority you are well on your way to do SEO.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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