The Top 20 SEO Content Writer Interview questions

On a Sunday evening, while I was playing with my dog, I met with one of my cousins named Vijay, aged 27. He came up with two questions. What are the opportunities for SEO content writers in India? What are the common SEO Content Writer Interview Questions?

His situation was pretty bad at that time as he was going through a terrible financial crisis. I was honestly felt very sad about his situation but was also grateful for getting asked the above questions. Answered both of his questions in a very structured order to give him more clarifications about his questions. He was truly happy for getting the answers and Believe me!! He got his dream job after near about 45 days.

By the way, Let me tell you I am a professional digital marketer for the past 2 years who has written many contents for myself, my clients, many organizations, etc. So here I am for all who are looking out for SEO content writing jobs to tell you all details about SEO Content Writer Interview questions and answers. By knowing the most asked Seo content writer interview questions, one can feel pretty confident while giving the interview.

But before jumping directly into the above-mentioned topic, let’s first understand about basics of SEO content writing and opportunities for SEO content writers.

Basics of SEO content writing

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is the process of writing content of a specific category without doing keyword stuffing so that to make it easy for search engines to understand what the content is all about. A Seo writer always tries to write content for both users and search engines. And for all of that, you need to apply a few basic SEO content principles in practice. Below are the basic rules for making content Seo friendly.

Basic Seo Content rules:-

1) Find out your competitors and make a list of relevant ideas.
2) Choose head and long-tail keywords based on key terms.
3) Check the keyword difficulty and search volume. By using good keyword research tools.
4) Construct headings using long-tail keywords.
5) Make an SEO friendly URL(Include your primary keywords in it).
6) Try to make secondary keywords as subheadings and add some LSI related keywords in your content.
7) Using anchor text, link to other pages on your website.
8) Add relevant images and optimize them.
9) There should not be any plagiarism.

Different types of content writing

Different types of content writing

There are different types of content writing that will mostly come in front of you if you’re starting as a content writer.
● Blogging.
● Web content writing.
● Copywriting.
● Technical writing.
● Email writing.
● Social media posts.
● News writing.
● Creative Writing.
● Expert writing.
● PR writing.
There are many more content writing forms also out there. But for now, if you focus on a few from the above list, that will be more than enough.

Now let’s understand how many opportunities are there for SEO writers in real?

Opportunities for SEO content writer

In today’s world, there are many entrepreneurs, freelancers, organizations who are looking to hire SEO content writers. Content writing can be a part-time or full-time exercise for any one of you. There are plenty of opportunities for SEO content writers in India once you choose to become an SEO content writer. You can create newsletters, BlogPosts, other types of written content from your home itself, for all the organizations out there.

Beginners and professionals, both of them need the help of external tools to make content SEO friendly. Once you get that adjusted to all the tools(Like Grammarly, AHrefs. Semrush, Google Search Console and Analytics, Canva, Google Adwords, and many more), there won’t be any kind of issue to complete all kinds of content works within the deadline provided to you.

Remember, there are tons of organizations who are outside India that are providing opportunities for SEO content writers.

How much SEO content writers charge?

Charges for an SEO content writer can vary as per the experience level of the employee or what kind of content is being written about? An average content writer can charge around 15,000 to 25,000. As our level of experience increases. The price may vary from 25,000 to even 1,00,000. Normally blogs are charged at ₹1 per word. Now again, It depends on what piece of content you are writing about.

Content writers usually charge by the below 3 platformsPaypal, Payoneer And Transfer wise. Paypal is the most famous and suitable for most people and organizations among all these three.

Now, let’s take a look at fresher level interview questions for SEO content writers for which I know you are eagerly waiting.

SEO Content writer interview questions for freshers

SEO Content Writer Interview Questions

1. What is Content writing?

It is the way in which organizations can increase the brand value in the process of planning, writing, and editing online content used for Internet marketing. Content writing includes writing blog posts, Articles, Video scripts, Stories, Reviews, Podcasts, etc.

2. State two basic differences between blog and article.

Articles are more formal content while blogs are drafted informally. Articles are all about giving insights, providing information and giving news. But blogs on the other hand are used to express opinions, knowledge on a particular subject.

3. Can you tell some basic difference between a Copywriter and SEO content writer or web content writer?

A copywriter focuses on writing for selling purposes while an SEO content writer informs, educates about a relevant topic.
A copywriter focuses mostly on short-form content like Writing for landing pages, online and offline ads, etc. but a Web content writer focuses on long content like example Articles, blogs, newsletters, E-books, etc.

4. What are the integral components of good content?

There are many forms for writing good content. But there are some essential elements or components to consider for making SEO friendly content.

Engagement:- Many elements, like headlines, images, videos, structure, etc. Can make readers engaged.
Credibility:- The information used in an article, blog or any other piece of content.Should be from an authorized source.
Utility:- You should create content for making the readers understandable which creates good impact on audience engagement.
Being original:- In the context of content writing, Plagiarism is considered as a crime. It can take bad effects on search engines and company reputation as well.
Call to action:- Online content must be written with a marketing objective. It is important to understand how to drive a call to action.

5. How do you decide the tone of a specific content?

This is an important question that can create a huge impression on the interviewer If you answer this correctly.

There are a few factors to consider for deciding the tone of a specific content:-

Brand personality:- It is important to note the characteristics of A brand for which the content strategy is developed. The tone of the content should reflect the core ideas of the brand.
Audience profile:- It is important for a content writer to understand who the target audience and readers are.
Channel or medium:- It is extremely important to know on which platforms you are writing. The context or the style of writing in platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter can be entirely different from writing a blog.

6. What do you enjoy most about content writing?

The thing that I enjoy about content writing is that it gives me chances to learn and write about various topics. And also, there is endless scope for doing innovations to writing formats or styles, etc.

7. What are your strengths as a content writer?

Just try to gauge your strength by looking into yourself. You can tell this answer in a way like this:-

My strength as a content writer is conducting thorough research about any subject or topic. It gives me the required substances and also the innovative formats or styles to write an article or blog.

8. What type of writing are you most comfortable with?

If these kinds of questions are asked, Then try your best to avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. If your SEO content writing or content writing experience is less, There is no harm in admitting it. If you have only blog writing experience, you can tell your answer like:-
I have a lot of experience in blogging. As I am an avid reader, I am pretty much acquainted with various forms of writing as well. As I am also a quick learner so I think with some guidance and practice, I will be able to meet your expectations.

9. Do you own a good work ethic?

You can answer this question as in the below way.

I am a quite disciplined person and I do my daily work activities in an organized manner. A well-thought plan and discipline in implementation is the base of high-quality content writing.

10. Where do you see yourself as a content writer in the next five years?

In the next five years, I see myself as an experienced SEO content writer who is well known for writing different styles of content that are engaging and useful.

These are the basic interview questions for SEO content writers (for freshers). Now that we have spoken about fresher questions, now have a look at experienced level interview questions for SEO content writers.

SEO Content writer interview questions for experienced

SEO Content writer interview questions for experienced

1. What kind of tones of writing you are comfortable with?

Through this kind of question, The interviewer wants to know about your writing skills. Before answering this question, it is crucial to know about various tones of writing.

While providing an answer to this question you should be having enough knowledge about the writing style you are choosing. There are high chances that the interviewer may ask you in detail about the selected writing style.

Also many times, the answer depends on what the readers want to read. As a professional SEO content writer, it is important to identify your audience and select a writing style.

2. Do you plan your content writing work? If yes, how?

You should keep in mind that the main objective of developing content is to manage it nicely. For these kinds of questions, narrate your answers in the following steps:-

● Understand the strategy of content and marketing goals.
● Create a bunch of topics and select one topic out of them.
● Determine how many times content have been published.
● Create a content calendar mentioning which topic to be published on what date as per the published frequencies.
● Draw a workflow that includes researching the topic, writing, proofreading,
and publishing.

You can also add this point:- I feel content calendars are extremely useful for organizing and planning content. Normally I prefer to create a content calendar using Google Sheets.

3. List out few ways to integrate SEO into your content.

The question is asked to check the knowledge about on-page SEO techniques and how to make Content SEO friendly.

Website URL:- URLs in our content should be small and integrated with relevant primary keywords. This helps the search engine to discover them easily.
Website title:- This is the most important part of our SEO writing. We have about a very few seconds to impress our readers at the beginning. Integrating proper relevant and primary keywords in it will make it easier for search engines to find it.
Meta tags:- They are not included in the general word count. They play a key role in illustrating the content of a particular web page.
Keyword density:- Keywords are like building blocks of our content. One should know how to include keywords naturally in the content. Keyword Stuffing put out a bad impression on search engine result pages.
Header tags:- It is a line of text to breakdown the content into smaller pieces.H1 Tags should be used at the top of the content. H2 tags should be used to further break up content using similar keywords to the H1 tag.

4. List out a few SEO content writing tools.

● Google keyword planner.
● Uber suggest.
● SemRush
● Ahrefs
● Yoast SEO.
● Keyword density checker.
● KWFinder.

5. List out a few tools for the writing part only.

● Grammarly.
● Hemingway.
● Google Docs.
● Notes App
● Focus writer.

6. How to make Content SEO friendly?

Answer this question as per the following points.

● Thorough keyword research.
● Writing for humans, not for search engines.
● SEO content in an organized manner.
● Internal links and backlinks.
● Writing readable URLs.
● Using web analytics.
● Giving priority to meta description.

This is the same kind of question that is related to the integration of SEO with content one which has been mentioned above. This is asked at the same time to check your SEO content writing knowledge.

7. How do you manage deadlines? Or Do you own a good work ethic?

These kinds of questions generally come from all departments. Generally, this question is asked to check your time management skills of yours in pressure situations. While giving an answer to this question put all your emphasis on the weightage of proper planning as the importance of the topic.

You can also tell that more important topics need more strategic planning and approach when compared to less important topics. And even add that from a physical and mental standpoint, you are well able to handle the pressures.

8. How do you manage criticism?

I have felt lots of criticism while meeting up my client’s expectations and company briefings. However, maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with the clients, my teammates as well as my seniors helps me discuss and resolve the problems without any anxiety or fear.

9. What are your ambitions as a SEO content writer?

I started off my career as a content writer. After that, I have been working as an SEO content writer for a while. What I have gained is developing my writing skills for various SEO optimized contents and have managed to meet up my client’s expectations at various levels.

At this point, I would want to learn more about analytics and SEO content strategy, so that in the future time I am well prepared for a senior management role.

10. Do you have any questions for us?

You can ask these important points to the interviewer.

● Will there be any orientation before starting work?
● Can you tell me more about my work culture?
● Will I be working individually or as a part of a team?
● What kind of SEO analytics support does the organization provide?

These are the basic interview questions for SEO content writers (for experienced people).

Get a few steps closer to your SEO content writing dream job

Get a few steps closer to your SEO content writing dream job

I hope, I have discussed most of the basic SEO content writer interview questions. Now it’s your time to turn all the tables and find job or freelancing opportunities for SEO content writers in India and get a few steps closer to your SEO content writing dream Job.

Apart from all the above-mentioned interview questions, try and solve content writing MCQ(multiple choice questions). To test and improve your content writing skills, take the help of various online resources which provides many content writing MCQs along with the answers.

Not only start searching for jobs, try to create your own SEO optimized content as well. Write them and start publishing them on your website or other mediums. Who knows? Tomorrow your written content might be the most viewed blog.


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