Secrets of the best SEO Content Writing Tools

In today’s world, every content writer wants to see their webpage at the top of a SERP (search engine result page) but are unable to do so because of unawareness about online content writing tools. Google these days has created really smart algorithms to detect your content.

 People want to read content that is attentive, statistical and beneficial for them. It takes a lot of effort to create an outstanding content. Content writing can be difficult if one is trying to show up his content first in search engine listings.

One has to build a proper framework before writing any content. First, go for a specific Nation and do competitive research. Then go for keyword research, identify short and long-tail keywords.  Optimise the HTML tags and the list continues.

In this article, I am going to reveal the secrets of the Best SEO content writing tools so that you too can take benefits from the available online content writing tools to beat up your competitors and create valuable content for your audience. The SEO content writing tools discussed here will help you optimise your content, speeding up your website and also to rank up in search engine results pages. 

Content writing

What is content writing?

Content writing is the activity of drafting, writing, and editing online content typically meant for online marketing causes.

SEO content writing tools

The most common types of content writing:-

  •  Blogging
  •  Web content writing
  •  Copywriting
  •  Technical writing
  •  Email writing
  •  Social media
  •  News writing
  •  Creative writing
  •  PR writing
  •  Expert writing

 What is SEO writing?

SEO Writing is the process of writing content without keyword stuffing, so to make search engines understand what the piece of content is about. 

What is the necessity of SEO content Optimisation tools?

This is the question that comes to mind of many bloggers. Well for better rankings, one of the most important tasks in content writing is to write good SEO optimised content. 

With the help of online content writing tools, writing lengthier and more demanding content becomes quite painless. Without the best SEO content writing tools, the job of an SEO writer becomes too difficult.

However, don’t expect your rankings to improve suddenly. Generally, it takes months to see the improving results. Also, it depends on the selected focus keywords.  If Focused keywords are more competitive, then results for ranking optimised articles will take longer.

Why are the described online content writing tools the best ones for Optimisation? 

I am going to reveal to you the best free content writing tools for SEO as well as paid content writing tools. But, before that let me tell you the reasons for particularly choosing only these ones:-

  • Offer Many helpful features 
  • Showed Positive results to real and independent users.
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Provide outstanding value for money

These are a few benefits of using SEO content tools that users will be getting while using them.

I hope all my audience will read the entire article and choose the best one at their convenience.

Without further Ado, let’s look at free content writing tools for SEO. 

Free SEO content writing tools 

Content Writing
Online Content writing tools
What is the necessity of SEO content Optimisation tools?
Free Seo Content writing tools

1) Google search console(GSC)

GSC is Google’s own tool that helps in monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining a website’s presence in the search engine results pages. You can see the page load time inside GSC.

GST is a pretty commonly used tool by all webmasters. It shows which keywords are performing well for site appearance, how webpages are behaving, the search queries through which users are entering your website, and also shows which content or keywords you should opt for Optimisation. 

These are a few of the Google Search console benefits you can get.

2) Hemingway editor

If you are keen on writing an essay, a blog post or an article, I would recommend using the Hemingway editor. This editor makes your content writing part precise and clear by providing correct suggestions. 

Hemingway rectifies the error while doing proofreading. Also, it identifies one to use active voice if more text is written in passive voice. It suggests two different modes for creating content – write and edit modes.

The online available tool of Hemingway editor is absolutely free of cost. But if you want to use the Hemingway app for Windows or Mac OS, then you have to buy the premium offer which costs around $20 :- one-time purchase.

3) Google Trends

This is a Google website that helps to show the top search queries in the Google search bar across various areas and languages after comparing with the site’s total search volume for a given period of time.

Google Trends shows the results with the graphical view of the most researched keywords over time. It also helps in categorising the keywords as per various industries.

4) Duplicate content checker

This is just for understanding every content writer should avoid plagiarism. The practice of copying other ideas, Expressions, Or any kind of content from another person with or without their consent is known as plagiarism.

If Google finds out your content to be plagiarised from any kind of web source, it would be very difficult to rank for such web content. 

There are many online tools available for a duplicate content checker or plagiarised content. You can use these free tools:- Duplichecker, Quetext, writer, Unicheck.

5) Word stream

This is a free and easy tool to use for getting keywords list along with each keyword search volume and average Cost per click(CPC). Just by clicking on the orange search bar, you can get the keywords list across various regions.

These are a few of the tips to use free SEO content writing tools. 

Now let’s discuss some paid content writing tools for SEO.

Paid SEO content writing tools

Paid Seo Content writing tools
Tips to use SEO content writing tools
Duplicate Content Checker
Benefits of using Seo Content Writing tools

1) Ahrefs

This is a very powerful keyword research tool that helps in optimising your web content. This tool helps you generate data on keyword density, search volume for various countries. Ahrefs helps in creating headlines, meta description, etc. of your web content. 

Not only does it help in on-page SEO, but it also helps him with backlinks and no-follow links as well.

This tool comes with the pricing of

Lite:- $99/month.

Standard:- $179/month

Advanced:- $399/month

2) Grammarly

This is one of the commonly used best content writing tools. This premium tool helps in providing data about word count, proofreading, (Grammatical spelling and punctuation) errors, and many more.

Inside the premium version, it will show valuable writing issues to your web content. Apart from all these things, Grammarly premium also allows you to check for plagiarism content too.

The free version of Grammarly only provides you with data like spelling, grammar, punctuation errors with rectifying it.

This tool starts with the below pricing list:-

Individual plans.

Monthly:- $30.

Yearly:- $144.

Group plans.

$12.5/month per member(Three members minimum).

3) Rank Math

Rank Math is a Seo WordPress plugin to check the optimization of your website. This SEO plugin is very easy to use, which includes features like schema, tracking weekly rankings with data integration(Google Analytics and Google Search Console), SEO basics(focus keyword, image alt tag, internal links, backlinks, meta description), etc.

Rank math pricing details:-

Pro:- $59 per year.

Business:- $199 per year.

Agency:- $499 per year.

All the above mentioned details are benefits of using paid SEO Content writing tools.


Today, creating SEO content has become the most valuable thing for all content writers. So knowing about using the right SEO content writing tool is extremely important.

I hope you found this content a valuable one and planning to use a few of these tools in your content writing use. Hope you save lots of time and effort after using the mentioned SEO content writing tools.

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