Introducing the most basic SEO interview questions

Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity for most of the online businesses and search engines have made many of us believe that our life cannot move on without them.

With more and more organizations understanding the importance of SEO for business and requiring SEO Services, the scope for SEO professionals are increasing day by day.

Before attending an SEO interview, it is good to understand a few of the SEO fundamentals and the mostly asked basic Seo interview questions.

Whether you are an experienced person or a fresher and you are looking out for SEO jobs, This article is going to help you out. And even if you are an HR person you can take a few suggestions from this article.

To help you out, I have created this article to make you understand what are the most asked SEO interview questions.

But before that let’s understand the meaning of SEO, skills required for doing SEO jobs.

What is the meaning of SEO?

What is the meaning of SEO?
Keyword in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is the unpaid or organic optimized results obtained by the Web Masters for a particular page or a website to get a higher amount of quality traffic.

It is the process of optimizing pages of a website to gain higher SERP(search engine result page) rankings.

Check more about SEO and how it works.

Nowadays, people are preparing organic results more than paid ones. 

There are plenty of methods to optimize one website which help to run faster organically.

Most of the time, search engines like Google change their algorithm. You need to make sure you are updated with those. A small amount of SEO knowledge and by implementing SEO in your website can make a huge difference.

Remember, this is the first question the interviewer is going to ask you.

Skills required for SEO

SEO skills aren’t taught in any institutes or schools in India. Few skills are there which should be developed by yourself if you are trying to become an SEO expert. 

  • Should be good in analysis and Research things.
  • Speaking ability
  • Writing skills
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Technical skills
  • Awareness
  • Sense of humor 

Now let’s jump into SEO interview questions for freshers.

Basic SEO interview questions for freshers

Basic SEO interview questions
SEO interview questions for freshers
Skills required for SEO

1. What is a search engine?

The software system which is designed to carry out online searches and shows up various result pages for a particular query or a keyword is known as a search engine.

Google is the number one search engine all across the world followed by Microsoft bing, Yahoo, Baidu, duckduckgo, etc.

2. Explain the role of a Keyword in digital marketing 


What is the keyword in digital marketing?

Keywords are the words or phrases generally typed into a search engine for executing any query by web users or to populate any subjects.

They give a fair amount of idea about which kind of audience is searching for a particular query and what exactly they are looking out for. 

Search engines have a huge database where it stores the keywords and as the relevant query, it shows up the best possible results.

3. What are primary and LSI keywords?

Primary keywords:- Primary keywords are the main focus keywords which should appear in the title and also within the first paragraph of the content if possible. It is important to make sure these keywords are not stuffed.

LSI keywords:- Latent semantic keywords(LSI) are relevant keywords to the primary keyword which should appear inside the body of the content naturally not by stuffing it.

4. What are the types of SEO?

The types of SEO are On page SEO, Off page SEO, Technical SEO.

On-page SEO:- By using this relevancy technique you allow the users and search engines to understand what your content is all about. On-page SEO is used for optimizing individual pages to gain more traffic.

Off-page SEO:- The Optimization things which are not related on your site but are related whatever happens off-your site are known as Off-page SEO techniques.

Technical SEO:- Search engines works mainly under Crawling, Indexing and Ranking factors.

5. Tell about a few components of on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO components are title tags, meta descriptions, In-depth and high quality content,  URL structure, image optimization, LSI keywords, internal links, page speed, etc.

Off-page SEO techniques or components include brand searches, guest posting, high-quality backlinks, social networking, comments, etc.

6. Difference between SEO and SEM

SEO helps your website to appear in SERPs Organically but SEM helps to purchase SERP.

SEO is free of cost while SEM comes with a certain cost.

7. Explain short tail and long tail keywords with examples.

Short tail keywords:-  The search term that is not more than three words.

Example- Mobile phones,  bluetooth speakers, etc.

Long tail keywords:-  the search term which are made up of more than three words. They can go beyond five words also.

Example- Samsung mobile phones under 40000,  best Bluetooth speaker under 5000, etc.

8. What is a backlink?

The incoming links to a web page from another website are called backlinks. It is an important factor for Website ranking.

Basic SEO interview questions for Experienced candidates

Basic SEO interview questions for Experienced candidates

1. Which SEO tools do you find comfortable to work with?

  • Google Analytics
  • Google search console
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • RankMath
  • Keyword planner
  • Keyword Discovery

See this article which speaks about SEO content writing tools.

2. How do you mostly approach keyword research?

  • Study the Niche
  • Do Research and find about the competitors
  • Make a list of Keyword ideas
  • Use good keyword research tools for generating the keywords
  • Find long tail keywords after checking keyword difficulty and its search volume

3. What is page speed and how does it matter?

Any particular web page takes a certain amount of time to load. and that time is known as the page speed or page loading speed.

Page loading speed can improve or decrease the page rankings. They can have a huge impact on User experience and conversion rate too. 

It is determined by several factors such as server, file size, images, etc.

The ideal page speed is 3 seconds or less.

4. Explain an anchor text and its role in SEO.

Any clickable link containing phrases or words in a hyperlink which links to another location on the web is known as anchor text.

Generally anchor text signifies the users and search engines about the link’s destination.

5. What is the role of robots.txt?

Robots.txt are the standards available in the root directory of websites which tells the Google crawlers or spiders about the pages which are to be crawled and which are not to be crawled. 

6. Explain AMP.

Accelerated mobile pages(AMP) is an open source project designed to help Webmasters optimize web pages for mobile devices and increase the page load speed.

7. Difference between no follow and do follow links.

Nofollow links do not pass any link juice and have no authority or less value.  but search engines still consider it to be a link which balances the total number of backlinks present in a web page.

Do follow links passes on the link juice and have higher value or authority over no follow links.

There is no fixed criteria for how many do follow and no follow links should be there in a particular page. But as per few stats, 75% of links should be do follow and 25% should be no follow. So the ratio comes to 3:1.

8. What are some common SEO mistakes that people do?

  • Not having enough patience
  • Creating duplicate content
  • Not optimizing website for all kind of devices
  • Not updating the old contents
  • Staying unaware about search engines’ algorithms
  • Not fixing broken links
  • Missing alt tags
  • Not optimizing the content for right keywords
  • Not Following on page SEO techniques
  • Creating and unresponsive web design
  • Not defining goals of SEO campaigns

Average salary of SEO specialist

There are way too many parts to choose from if you are keen on working as a SEO professional. The salaries of various SEO professionals will vary as per their experience and level of working.

Check out more about SEO future

In the SEO field, you can work as an SEO trainee, SEO analyst, SEO executive, SEO consultant, SEO strategist, SEO specialist, manager and director.

The average salary for an SEO employee in India starts from Rs.1,00,000 and ranges to even more than Rs.15,00,000 depending on the expertise level.


SEO Interview questions for experienced candidates
Average salary of SEO employee

If you are a digital marketer or willing to become one, SEO skill is a must to have. Everyday many organizations are hiring plenty of SEO professionals to work for them. 

I hope I have given a few ideas of questions and answers which need to be understood and answered at the right place. 

So this brings towards the end of this article. 

Go out there, prepare for interviews and start a journey in the SEO field by getting your dream job. 

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