19 Tips:- How to increase website traffic organically

So you are an online marketer. You have built your own website. But you are stuck like in road traffic thinking 

Why am I unable to drive traffic like this to my own website?” 

How to increase website traffic organically?” 

Do you also think you are alone in this process?

Well, definitely not.

As per Ahrefs Recent study, 90.63% of web pages don’t get any organic traffic from Google. 5.29 % of web pages get almost 10 visitors per month or may be less. And the rest get more than 10 visits. Out of them, rarely few web pages are there who get more than 1000 + visitors per month.

Many businesses come up with great innovative content ideas but struggle to come up with ways to drive organic traffic. Many website owners put in all the hard work for years to get organic results. 

I definitely don’t want you to take much time to reap the rewards after putting up toilsome work. 

If you are looking to increase website traffic organically, this article will list out the best 19 ways to show the results. These methods are the proven tactics all across the globe that definitely work. 

But before diving into the tricks, let’s understand what SEO is.

What is Search Engine Optimization

What is Organic traffic?
What is Direct traffic?
How to increase website traffic organically

Search engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of optimizing a bit of online web content to increase visibility of a website in search engine results pages(SERPs) for specific keywords.

It is also known as the process of increasing quality website traffic.

The brand that gets the most traffic, gains the most businesses or projects which eventually turns into revenue.

For more details about SEO, check on SEO and how search engine works

What is Organic traffic?

Every search problem is being resolved by Google after someone types their query in the search engine bar. Few results come at the top in the form of advertisements which are known as paid results.

The results which show up below the advertised results are known as organic search results.

Organic traffic are those visitors who end up landing your website from unpaid sources. They find your website through search engines like Google Yahoo Microsoft Bing, etc.

What is Direct traffic?

Direct traffic is referred to as when a visitor lands directly on your website without clicking on a particular link. Visitor arrives at your site either by typing your website URL in a browser or through clicking a bookmark in your browser or maybe clicking your site’s link in a document.

This traffic also arrives after they click links on mobile apps. 

Few people have the misconception that direct traffic is the same as organic traffic. The truth is something else. The user is required to enter the URL in the browser in the case of direct traffic. But in organic search traffic scenarios, the user lands on your website through search engine result pages(SERPs). 

Now let’s dive into the tips by which you can increase organic search traffic to your site. 

How to increase website traffic organically?

Perform Keyword research
Use long-tail keywords 
Create high quality content

Perform Keyword research

You can use these tools –  MOZ, Semrush, Ahrefs, Google AdWords, keywordtool.io to perform keyword research. These tools show you what keywords people are using, search volume of those keywords, cost of the keywords for ads, and also provide much more valuable information.

Always include relevant keywords while doing thorough keyword research. Don’t stuff your keywords inside your content. Try to include those in a natural way. 

Go for the keywords which are more in demand but have less competition. It is important to even check the keywords which are used by your competitors.

Use long-tail keywords 

Try to use long tail keywords which are less in competition.

Why did I say long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords? Simply because long tail keywords are more specific towards a particular niche or a subject. 

As you look out for using more long tail keywords, competition becomes lower which ultimately becomes your higher ranking factor.

Create high quality content

Always create valuable, informational, and high-quality content. In simple words if I would tell, then create content that answers your target audience’s questions.

Remember you just have a few seconds to get the attention of your audience from your content. So it is important to create any piece of content that is attentive and beneficial to people. 

Write evergreen content which doesn’t feel outdated like news articles. You should be able to create any content that helps your targeted audience to resolve their problem. It should be more relevant and authoritative in nature.

It is also important to optimize your content using On-page SEO techniques which we will discuss in a bit.

Post content frequently

Don’t stop if you have posted around 2-3 contents within your niche. 

Google always loves web pages which create high quality content on a frequent basis. As per that they give priority in ranking. Try to post more and more valuable content to get more traffic.

Write long-form content

It’s been observed that long content acquires more traffic than the short ones. Search engines and website visitors love high-quality longer contents. 

Don’t use long paragraphs. Use 3-5 sentences in one paragraph.

Standard content length remains in between 1100 to 1200 words, but long content for was around 2100 to 2500 words and can be even more.

Long-form articles get more social shares as they are more interesting and engaging in nature. So try to include some stories or statistics around your content which keeps your viewers more engaged.

Check the Trending Topics

See the news and check social media feeds. Check out which topics are trending at the moment. Find out whether you can write about the same topic. 

This will create enthusiasm among your audience. They will be eager to know more about the topic. 

Use Catchy headlines

Headlines is the text used to describe the title of a content. It is the most important part of your content which attracts the user to read. 

Use your primary keywords in your headlines to optimize your content. 

No matter how good your content is, Users won’t click your link to read it if your headline is not an eye-catching one.

Keywords in URL

Whenever you are writing any new posts, try to include your focus keywords inside the URL. Tools or plugins like rank math, yoast SEO will help you to keep your primary keywords inside URL. 

Keep your URL short and crisp. Try to avoid stop words, spaces, and underscores inside URL structure.

Including primary or focus keywords inside the URL can be a great way to optimize your content.

Focus keywords in meta description

Although meta descriptions are not a direct way to increase traffic, it can definitely increase CTR (click through rate). 

If your content viewers won’t find any informative meta description they may not end up in clicking your web page link.

Try to include your focus keywords in meta description. Keep it inside 160 characters. Plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math and many more help you to create a good meta description. 

Visualize your content

Visualize your content
Keywords in URL
Increase page load speed

Think from the reader’s perspective. Will you read content without any images?

Probably no, right?

Try to include as many relevant images to make your content more appealing.

Include Image Alt Tags(which includes image file name and a brief description of the image) in each image uploaded. It is done to make search engines understand what the particular image is all about.

Include your focus keywords in Image Alt Tag. Change the image file name as per your keywords while uploading it.

Use header tags in proper manner

The header tags are the HTML elements or the line of text used to break down content into various subcategories. Categories of header tags are:-  are H1 H2, H3….till H6. 

H1 header tag describes the headline of a web content. H2 header tags are used to break down content from H1 tags.  H3 Header tags are used to further break the content used in H2.

Similarly H4, H5, H6 are used where H4 is used to subcategorize H3, H5 is used to subcategorize H4. H6 is used to further subcategorize H5.

It is crucial to use the header text in a proper way while creating the content so that both search engines and users understand which header tag is used at what time. 

Linking back to high quality websites

Linking back to high quality websites
What is Search Engine Optimization
Strengthen social media profiles

Linking to relevant and high-quality sites can actually help your blog to get higher rankings and to earn more organic traffic.

There are many ways you can opt for backlink exchanges. You can reach out to relevant sites and offer your web content to include in their site as an additional resource. Also you can offer a backlink exchange with them (by linking one of their content in your blog).

Strengthen social media profiles

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. can help you earn tons of organic traffic.

Start with attaching your social media profiles on your site. Link your blog posts on these platforms and start promoting them.

Sometimes you can also create a few social media campaigns to earn more traffic.

Strengthen social media profiles to boost up your digital presence which helps in higher rankings and earn more traffic. 

Answer questions on Quora

Quora can be a great platform to drive traffic to your website.

Create an account on Quora. Search for questions related to your niche which you can answer. Start answering those questions in a proper manner and provide back your blog’s link where it makes sense.

Fix Technical errors

Search engines’ crawlers can detect any kind of technical error pretty easily. This thing affects your ranking factors and more importantly users also don’t like to visit the websites that have any kind of issues.

Go through your entire website, see if every link and other things are working fine. If not, try to fix them on your own or hire a professional to do it.

It is important to do a site audit in regular intervals.

Increase page load speed

You must be knowing this fact, users don’t like to wait much on a slower website. And even search engines also don’t give emphasis to similar websites.

Include plugin-  WP rocket to enhance your website speed to a much faster result.

Always compress your images while uploading them to make your page load speed work better.

Make user friendly website

Google wants to give priority to those websites which include good user experience.  Responsive web design is something you should take care of.

Your users should face no difficulty while opening your site from any device (be it mobile phones, tablets, or desktops)

Use Email marketing

Email marketing is the oldest way of communication but is considered as the most effective way to generate website traffic.

Make a list of contacts to which you would send email.  include a good body part and most importantly the subject line should be an enticing one. You can insert a readable and clickable link for the viewers to read more about the content. 

Use good design templates to make the email look appealing. Promoting content through email newsletter can increase your organic traffic because here you are directly talking to your email list contacts. 

Secure your website

Google wants to give its users’ the best possible user experience. Google always prefers to show up websites which are secured with SSL certificates (Https).

If your website is not HTTPS certified, go out there and purchase a SSL certificate from your web hosting or domain provider. Integrate the certificate to your website to make it more secure than earlier.

If your website has an SSL certificate, then you are good to go. 

Secure your website
Make user friendly website

Best SEO tools

There are plenty of SEO tools available in the online market. Many of them are free and lots are even paid ones. It is essential to know which SEO tool will work best for you. 

Here is the list of the best SEO tools:-

  •  Google AdWords
  •  Google search console
  •  Grammarly
  •  Ahrefs
  •  Google trends
  •  Rank Math
  •  Moz
  • Yoast SEO
  • Hemingway editor
  • Duplichecker
  • Wordstream
  • BuzzSumo

Learn more about SEO content writing tools

Get ready to attract lots of organic traffic

That brings us to the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed it a lot while reading it.

Driving organic traffic to your site is a non stop process. There are so many ways one can use to drive traffic. But the above mentioned 19 steps are the proven results for many of the webmasters out there.

Make sure to use all of those techniques to boost your organic traffic in the upcoming days. The most important tip is to focus on the website’s User experience.

Go out there make some smart moves and acquire a turn of organic traffic

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